Before And After Acne Skin Treatment – ​​Tighten Pores And Whiten Skin

Before And After Pictures Of Acne Treatment, Pore Tightening And Skin Whitening At Spa

Before: Before entering the treatment process, the client's skin has a lot of hidden acne and blackheads scattered on the face, especially the forehead area. You have learned and known that Miss Tram is a safe and effective treatment unit in Ho Chi Minh City.

Or: You come to Miss Tram and be examined, consulted and given a rigorous acne treatment by Miss Tram's dermatologist, using technology LASER CO2 FRACTIONAL combined with TRADITIONAL MEDICINE. 

This method is extremely safe, using a laser with a wavelength of 10.600 nm to affect the damaged skin tissue, stimulating the self-filling mechanism on the skin. As a result, the amount of natural collagen will increase, promoting the regeneration of the epidermis.

Thanks for making SERIOUS , and PERSISTENCE Follow the course that after 3 months, your facial skin has improved a lot.

Take a closer look at the actual photos below! 


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