Eyelash Extension Learning Supplies What Do You Need? 2

Eyelash Extension Learning Supplies What Do You Need?

To learn eyelash extensions, we must have specialized support tools. In this list are not only the equipment but also the solution, wax, gel and false eyelashes. Let's Miss Tram Academy Let's take a look at the basic names that must be in the eyelash extension tool box!

Tools When Studying Eyelash Extensions The most neccesary

Eyelash extensions is a way to overlap real eyelashes with artificial eyelashes to make the eyes more sparkling and attractive. Thanks to the thickness and length of these eyelash extensions, the eyes will have a certain effect, highlighting the overall face.

Eyelash Extension Learning Supplies What Do You Need? 3

Currently, this is a simple and quick beauty trend that helps women to be more confident with their appearance. In general, eyelash extensions do not cost much and are suitable for many different ages, so the customer demand of this beauty field is always stable.

If you are looking to develop a career in the direction of aesthetics - beauty, learning more eyelash extension courses will never be superfluous. This is even considered a job that brings a stable income, allowing you to comfortably do what you love.

learn eyelash extensions

In process Learn how to use eyelashes, we will be acquainted with many different tools and utensils. They are the "effective assistants", helping you to manipulate accurately, creating beautiful eyes for customers.

+ Store Eyelash Extensions Correctly

According to the experience of Miss Tram Academy, there are many eyelash extensions, but we must be proficient in the following types:

  • False eyelashes

Prestigious eyelash extension training course in Ho Chi Minh City

You must understand the characteristics of each type of lash, its life cycle and its effect. Only then can we advise and convince our customers.

Currently on the market there are many different types of false eyelashes with different prices. However, you should choose imported eyelashes, typically Korean eyelashes because it has outstanding beauty and quality.

  • Supporting solutions

These solutions include: Eyelash extension glue, Eyelash remover wax / eyelash removal gel, Eyelash extension cleaner, ...

Eyelash extension glue A must have if you want to attach artificial lashes to your real eyelashes. At the same time, in the process of manipulation, it is inevitable that you will mistakenly connect or damage the eyelashes. At this time, they need support solutions to remove these faulty eyelashes easily.

In addition, we must equip eyelash extension tools with water to kill bacteria, ensuring safety standards for our customers.

+ How to Choose Simple But Effective Eyelash Tweezers

  • Eyelash Tweezers

eyelash extension learning tools

Eyelash extensions cannot be done with bare hands, but need the help of eyelash tweezers. This tool is designed with a small pointed tip, precisely aligning the eyelashes into the right position.

  • Eyelash brush

The eyelash brush has the effect of smoothing the lashes, separating the lashes for easier manipulation.

  • Eyelash drying ball

tools when studying eyelash extensions

This tool is quite important because it helps to dry the glue layer faster, reducing the operation time as well as the feeling of wetness for the customer.

  • Lamps and eyelash extensions

Due to the very small characteristics of the eyelashes, you must equip these two tools to limit error manipulation during the making. In addition, if enough brightness is ensured, our eyes will not be tired or sore from focusing on looking for too long.

+ How Long Can Eyelash Extensions Be Used?

  • Other supporting tools

tools when studying eyelash extensions

In addition to the above types, when learning and manipulating eyelash extensions we will need:

  • Under-eye tape is used to fix the lower eyelid, helping customers relax more, thereby creating favorable conditions for us to connect eyelashes.
  • Eyelash removal plate: this tool has a slim, small design. Used to remove old eyelashes after using eyelash removal cream or gel.
  • In addition, you can equip a dedicated drying fan to quickly dry the eyelash extension glue.

Above are the tools that need to be equipped if you study eyelash extensions. At some training centers, tools and equipment may be in charge of the students themselves, but in Miss Tram Academy You are fully funded. Depending on the subject and registered course, we will prepare you with the necessary supplies, maximum support for the apprenticeship process so that each student at Miss Tram has the opportunity to pursue their passion.

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