The Syllabus of the Online Eyelid Spray Course at Miss Tram

The Syllabus of the Online Eyelid Spray Course at Miss Tram - Despite the Difficulty of Eyebrow Spraying Technique.

Eyelid spraying is a technique that requires meticulous use of embroidery spray tools with a micro-needle tip to go each stroke on the eyelid area, creating sharp, large and attractive eyes. So for the online course, does the Online aesthetic sculptural embroidery course convey all the knowledge to help students master the profession?

Miss Tram would like to reply that: Technical textbook of Spray Mi Specially designed for Online classes, it has been applied on many students, bringing satisfied results with many points THE BEST The following:

– You will start from the “beginner” lessons, go through step by step with the exercise of walking straight, getting acquainted and drawing 04 eyelid shapes on paper.

- Know the secret to using Pangolin safely and choose a good standard: Introduction of specialized numbing line in eyelid spraying, how to choose specialized ink for eyelid spray, how to make thick eyelids without greening, treatment of blue, smudged eyelids...

- Learn the technique of spraying eyelids on the skin in 3D: how to assemble a professional eyelid sprayer, standard hand force to spray eyelids, common mistakes when spraying eyelids, how to determine the line of eyelids spray evenly, naturally beautiful ...

- Sculpting eyelids on skin 3D: Advanced combination technique between sprayer and engraving pen to create beautiful smooth eyelid lines, fast color adhesion, sharp eyelid strokes, fast execution time, less skin damage...

With the information Miss Tram shared above, we have seen a "sky" of knowledge waiting for us inside the content of the lesson videos. From now on, you don't have to worry about useful knowledge and solutions that you can't find when "searching" on the internet.

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