Why Is There Phenomenon Of Fussing And Blistering When Spraying Lips 6

Why Is There Phenomenon Of Fussing And Blistering When Spraying Lips

Spray lips It is one of the most popular beauty treatments among women today. This is considered a way of "semi-permanent makeup", helping women have a plump, fresh and long-lasting lips. However, there are many reasons why lip spray results are not satisfactory. One of the most serious cases is that the customer's lips have blistering when spraying the lips.

So what causes this situation and what is the most effective way to fix it? And Miss Tram Academy Learn more about this issue.

Why Is There Phenomenon Of Flaking When Spraying Lips

1. The cause of the lips is the phenomenon of festering, blistering after spraying

the phenomenon of festering blistering when spraying lips

Lip spray is a technique that uses a micro-needle, which goes gently on the lips with a depth of not more than 0.2mm to bring the ink color to the surface. With these small effects, it will absolutely not cause complications, burning pain or affect health after spraying. However, in fact, there are many cases where the lips are swollen with pus, blistering due to infection. So, the main causes of these phenomena are:

  • Using old, outdated technology

the phenomenon of festering blistering when spraying lips

Lip injection is the use of needles to damage the skin on the lips, then put ink into the epidermis to create color.

The old lip tattoo method used a coarse tattoo needle and was adjusted by hand, so it was difficult to adjust the force of the needle as well as create larger punctures. This is very easy to cause open wounds, making it easier for bacteria to get in. This is the cause of the lip tattoo that is festering and blistering, especially for women whose skin is easily irritated when injured.

  • Poorly skilled technicians

Why Is There Phenomenon Of Fussing And Blistering When Spraying Lips 7

For less skilled technicians, going too hard, deviating from the root or too fast will also cause damage to the skin. This will make the lips prone to festering and blistering after spraying.

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  • Do not clean tools thoroughly when performing

Failure to thoroughly clean tattoo tools not only easily causes festering, blistering, but also causes other infectious diseases.

Therefore, this is an important step in the tattooing process that you need to perform carefully, to ensure that the tattoo tools are completely sterile and separate.

  • Using substandard inkjet ink

Why Is There Phenomenon Of Fussing And Blistering When Spraying Lips 8

Tattoo ink Unknown origin, poor quality also greatly affect the results on the color of the lips. And worse, causing some symptoms such as festering, blistering after spraying due to infected lips. 

  • Do not keep hygiene, abstain after performing

In addition to the causes that arise during the tattooing process, the care and lip care after spraying also partly determines the results of lip spray. If customers often peel off, do not care for their lips or take care of their lips incorrectly, then inflammation is also very likely to occur. 

Therefore, when customers report signs of festering, blistering after spraying. Remember to ask your customers how to take care of their lips every day to find out the exact cause.

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2. How to treat infected lips?

Why Is There Phenomenon Of Fussing And Blistering When Spraying Lips 9

In case the lips are festering and blistering after spraying, you need to handle the following:

  • Step 1: Check to see how the infection of the lips is.
  • Step 2: Cleaning and applying medication (usually acyclovir will be used).
  • Step 3: Provide antibiotics and advise customers on medication/medication schedules.
  • Step 4: Schedule a follow-up appointment.

For serious cases, you should ask for the intervention of dermatologists to ensure the safety of customers.

3. What should be advised to customers?

Why Is There Phenomenon Of Fussing And Blistering When Spraying Lips 10

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Lip care after spraying is very important and contributes to the success of the lip spray process. Therefore, after examining and treating customers' lips, you need to advise customers of the following points:

  • Clean lips, apply medicine and take antibiotics according to instructions.
  • Do not let your lips come into contact with water and always clean after eating.
  • Do not eat foods that are easy to scar, cause edema or fester when the skin has wounds such as: sticky foods, chicken, egg whites, fishy foods, especially hot spicy foods.
  • Drinks containing alcohol and caffeine such as beer, wine, and coffee should also be abstained to avoid uneven lips.
  • Avoid exposing your lips to direct sunlight, street dirt, or contamination of any kind.
  • Do not put your hands on your lips when your hands have not been thoroughly cleaned, which can easily lead to infection. In particular, there is no strong impact on the lips - making it difficult for the wound to heal.
  • Always pay attention to the condition of the lips to see if the skin of the lips has scabbed, is less watery or less festering. In case the lip condition is getting worse or more than a week without signs of healing, the customer should notify the technician to be examined and consulted by a specialist.

Why Is There Phenomenon Of Fussing And Blistering When Spraying Lips 11

The above are the share of Miss Tram Academy on the phenomenon of festering, blistering after spraying. In order to have the most effective remedy for this situation, in addition to performing medical treatment steps, you need to note that customers take proper care of their lips at home so that their lips can heal quickly. Besides, find out the cause of lip infection to have the most radical adjustment, avoiding the same situation in other cases of lip spray. Hope this article is useful to you. Good luck!

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