Understanding Skin pH Correctly And How To Keep It Balanced 2

Understanding Skin's pH Correctly And How To Keep It Balanced 

Keep balance pH level of the skin It is an important condition for the skin to function normally and stay healthy. Otherwise, the skin will face many problems such as acne, dryness, oil secretion, etc. So you really understand what the pH of the skin is as well as the How to keep skin balance?. The article is below Miss Tram Academy This will help you understand more.

Skin pH & How to Keep Skin Balance 

1. What is the pH of the skin?

You are probably quite familiar with the pH scale, which is a scale of how acidic or alkaline it is. This scale ranges from 0 to 14, the acidity increases as the index gets closer to 0 and the higher the index increases, the more alkaline level increases. Neutral when the reading is only 7. It's about the same scale as the pH scale.

How to keep skin balance?

Our skin usually has a pH ranging from 4,5 to 5,5, which will be considered the most ideal pH, ie slightly acidic skin. When the skin has an ideal pH, it helps to protect and maintain the skin barrier. This barrier is often referred to as the acid mantle or hydrolipidic film. This film has the ability to protect the skin from the bad effects of the environment, pollution and bacteria that the skin has to come in contact with every day.

Not only that, this film also works to dissolve excess sebum as well as help fight harmful bacteria for the skin.

When this acid mantle is destroyed, ie the skin's pH is no longer ideal, skin problems can appear. If your skin has a pH that is too alkaline (a high number on the scale), it can cause your skin to become red, dry, flaky, or itchy. From there, there may be opportunities for skin diseases to appear such as eczema, ... or early signs of aging.

And in case the pH of the skin is too acidic (lower number on the scale), a series of other problems such as redness, inflammation of the skin. This is the condition for acne breakouts.

What is skin pH?

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In addition, when this acid membrane is destroyed, it leads to a change in the structure of the outer layer of dead cells (the stratum corneum). This makes it even easier for bacteria to penetrate the skin. And the surface of the skin at this time is not smooth, but there are many layers of rough dead cells.

2. How to maintain the pH of the skin?

How to keep the pH balance of the skin?

To maintain the pH of your skin, you need to understand the possible causes of changes in the pH of your skin, so that you can maintain the right way. Normally, this acid mantle is affected by the products used on your skin as well as your daily skin care routine. Some specific examples are:

  • Use face washes, soaps containing a lot of alcohol, large nuts (scrub) with strong bleaching properties.
  • Washing your face too many times a day is like exfoliating too often.
  • Use skin care products that are too alkaline or too acidic.
  • Not providing enough moisture to the skin.
  • Do not use sunscreen, cover your skin when going out.
  • The foods you eat every day also have an effect on your health pH balance on skin such as eating spicy, hot, greasy foods, etc.

Note when keeping the pH balance of the skin

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So how do you ensure that the pH of your skin is maintained? Take care of your skin like a delicate organ. Overcoming the causes of pH imbalance is that you can maintain the necessary pH balance. 

This means that you should not use skin care products with a pH that is too high or too low, only products with a pH of 4-6, especially cleaning products. Although those products can make your skin clean quickly, it leaves the skin dry. However, they make the skin lose the necessary moisture, the skin becomes dry and uncomfortable.

Understanding Skin pH Correctly And How To Keep It Balanced 3

In addition, you should only wash your face twice a day with warm water, not using too hot or too cold water is also the cause of destroying the pH balance of the skin. Gently massage the face to clean, do not rub vigorously or exfoliate too often, preferably 2-2 times per week. Use balancing water such as toner, lotion, etc. to help bring the skin back to a balanced pH after cleansing.

If you notice sudden changes in your skin such as the skin becoming dry, tight or producing more oil, acne or flaking, etc., you need to rethink your skincare routine. Would you switch to a new cleanser? Or any other lotion? Or eat strange foods? Are you entering the transition period? Identifying these problems can help you find the cause of your pH imbalance and come up with the right solution.

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HUnderstanding the pH of your skin will help you find the most effective skin care. With the above information, Miss Tram Academy Hope it has helped you somewhat to have more information about the pH of your skin as well as how to keep it balanced, thereby having a healthy skin.

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