The model's eyes are much more beautiful thanks to the students spraying their eyelids to open their eyes
The difference when SH students on the eyelid spray sample opened the lenses.

Before & After Practice Photo on Beautiful Standard Eyelid Spray Model


The technique of applying ink to the eyelids with different thin and bold lines to create a natural eye contour is one of the difficult techniques for even skilled workers.

Spraying open eyelids requires extremely meticulous and careful concentration in each spray line because this is a very vulnerable and difficult area to practice. if the skill is not good.

Before SH students spray their eyelids open
Before SH trainees sprayed their eyelids open, their eyes were not sharp and pale.
After SH students spray their eyelids open
After SH students spray their eyelids open, their sharp eyes create a feeling of being bigger and rounder.

However SH students didn't show any worries because they had been given clear theoretical guidance before, and now they can also be taught by hand, so the practice process is not difficult for this girl..

Many Ink manipulation is done by SH skillfully and boldly, the sample after seeing the result is also very satisfied, there is no feeling of heavy eyes or pain, swelling at all..

Above is a picture of the student's skill result Miss Tram AcademyPlease take a look at the workmanship!

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