Before And After The Results Of Natural Fiber Brow Sculpting

Before And After Pictures Of Natural Fiber Brow Sculpting Results

Before: When coming to Miss Tram, this customer has old, pale eyebrows and a slightly rough eyebrow shape. Therefore, she received advice from the #TeamMissTram team by shaping and correcting the shortcomings of the eyebrows with the method of Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers. 

Or: For this method, #TeamMissTram will use the App measuring technique to draw eyebrows according to the most standard golden ratio to reshape the eyebrow shape, then meticulously carve each eyebrow that is intertwined and natural. This will help customers get new clear eyebrows and a more harmonious eyebrow shape with the face.

Review the results that Miss Tram has brought to this female customer!

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