Before And After Acne Treatment, Possibility After 5 Months

Before and After Pictures of Acne Treatment, Possibility At Spa After 5 Months.

Before: The customer's face skin appears quite a lot of red pimples on both cheeks, reducing the aesthetics of the face.

Or: After being examined and advised by a specialist at Miss Tram about treatment methods, he chose Fractional CO2 Laser Micro-Shock Technology to improve his skin condition. This is a technological breakthrough in the field of recovery and treatment of acne skin - pitted scars.

With a wavelength of 10.600 nm, it is able to penetrate deep into the dermis without causing invasion of the surrounding healthy skin. At the same time, the CO2 laser helps stimulate collagen proliferation tissue to fill in acne scars, and at the same time improve facial skin problems, help firm skin, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, smoother and younger skin.

Please join Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center to look back at his treatment journey after 5 months!

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