Before And After The Results Of Mark Removal With Yag Laser Technology

Before And After Image of Yag Laser Mark Removal Results.

Before: Not everyone knows that birthmarks are formed by the agglomeration of blood vessels, they can be flat or rough with many colors such as pink, red, black or gray… But anyway, “accidentally” "Having such birthmarks also makes their owners feel "unsatisfied" and less confident if not "affected with beauty".

For those reasons, the customer decided to remove this birthmark because it is located right on the forehead and has a rather large area, causing cosmetic loss to the face. 

Or: At Miss Tram, we consulted and used modern laser Yag technology for his birthmark removal treatment. This technology uses a new generation of American Laser, which is a short pulse type combined with 4 wavelengths of 1.064 nm, 585 nm, 650 nm and 532 nm that goes deep inside the skin surface, active on all skin types. from the surface to the epidermis, dermis and dermis, for thorough and safe color removal. 

The results below are recorded after 2 times of treatment, please refer to it! 

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