Before And After Actual Results Of Old Eyebrow Treatment, 9D .Flash Eyebrow Sculpture

Realistic Result Image of Beautiful Eyebrows With 9D Fiber Eyebrow Sculpting Technology

Before: Her eyebrows used to be thin, thin and almost had no tail, so the shape of her eyebrows depends almost entirely on the ink color. But after a while, the ink color turned red, losing its beauty and naturalness.

Or: After being examined and consulted, she asked Miss Tram to process the old eyebrow color, then used the 9D thread sculpting method to re-up her eyebrows. With this method, experts will measure to shape the eyebrows according to the golden ratio of the face, then sculpt each sharp and soft eyebrow.

Customers have immediately satisfied eyebrows, eyebrows are very natural, do not cause swelling, pain and do not take time to rest.

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