Student P's results on the eyelid pattern
The result of student P on the eyelid model, the sharp ink line helps the eyes look bigger and rounder.

Before & After Photo on Student's Super Beautiful Eyelid Model P


Sincerely always! Any student who gets a model will always be beautiful and shimmering!

The result of the eyelid model made by student P helps her eyes to be bigger and rounder, with a lot more emphasis than before.

Before student P made an eyelid model
Before trainee P modeled her eyelids, her eyes were blurred and lacked sharpness.
After student P made an eyelid model
After practitioner P on the eyelid model, the ink line is thin to help the eyes look sharper.

No need to say much or do a lot of PR, taking the results of the students to practice as proof is certainly the most accurate and true for the experience and quality of our training. Miss Tram Academy then everyone?

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