Before And After The Results Of Natural Fiber Brow Sculpting At Spa

Before And After Pictures Of Natural Fiber Brow Sculpting Results For Customers

Before: The customer has a bright white skin with large and attractive eyes, but the eyebrows are a bit sparse and pale in the tail, making the face not really stand out. She went to Miss Tram for help.

Or: For her case, the experts at Miss Tram consulted and quickly fixed the disadvantages of her eyebrows with the method of Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers.

This is the most advanced eyebrow cosmetic method today applying technology from Europe that has been transferred to Vietnam by Miss Tram Aesthetic Institute. The specialist will use a special engraving knife with a micro-blade to put tattoo ink on the skin, carve each fiber meticulously and intertwine naturally.

After completing the implementation, I was extremely surprised and satisfied with the result. See actual pictures below:

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