Before And After Eyebrow Sculpting for the First Part – Super Fine Powder Spraying for the Tail

Realistic Before And After Pictures Of The First Eyebrow Sculpting – Super Fine Powder Spraying for the Tail 

Before: This elderly customer's eyebrows have been sprayed before and have been shaped, but she is not satisfied with this eyebrow shape. Through research, she knew Miss Tram and came to ask for help.

Or: After studying her situation, I found that with the eyebrows that have been shaped and sprayed before, the method of shaping, sculpting the first eyebrow, spraying the tail powder will be a reasonable choice to has a beautiful eyebrow shape, but also conceals defects from the old eyebrow shape and ink color, but still no less natural.

You don't have to be young to be beautiful. Although she is also over 50, she is still very young and loves life. She shared with the Miss Tram team that: The secret for her to always be confident and love life is to take care of her beauty at any age.

Refer to the actual image of the customer's eyebrow beauty results below!

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