Before And After Finishing the Queen's Eyebrow Sculpting Process

Actual Pictures of Customers After Finishing the Queen's Eyebrow Sculpting Process at Spa.

Before: Ms. An shared that she was not confident when The eyebrows have very few fibers, the shape of the eyebrows is not there. Miss Tram understands her mood very well, so after discussing and consulting, the Specialist quickly started to implement the Natural Fiber Sculpting Process for her.

Or: Eyebrow shape is measured and calibrated with specialized tools and according to GOLDEN RATIO face. After that, each eyebrow gradually appears under the specialized engraving knife in a soft, natural way. Ms. An also chooses to sculpt with brittleg High quality queen ink at Miss Tram so that the colors are beautiful and there is no red-green bloom later. 

Miss Tram invites everyone to take a closer look at her results below! 


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