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Learn about the "Gold" Niacinamide in Beauty

If you are a spa owner, spa technician and are always interested in and hone your knowledge about beauty ingredients in cosmetics In order to best support customers, you will surely come across the name Niacinamide. This is one of the Antioxidant ingredients good, participates in many types skin care cosmetics from affordable to high end.

However, do you really understand this active ingredient? Let's Miss Tram Academy additional knowledge of Niacinamide in the following article.

What Is Niacinamide?

Niacinamide (NAA) also known as Nicotinamides, is a derivative of vitamin B3 has water-soluble properties. This active ingredient is certified as safe by the World Health Organization and can be found in foods such as yeast, milk, lamb, fish, potatoes, asparagus, etc.

What is Niacinamide?
What is Niacinamide? Benefits of Niacinamide in beauty?

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The Benefits of Niacinamide in Beauty

Niacinamide is known to be an important active ingredient for skin growth, it offers outstanding benefits such as:

1. Anti-Oxidant

Every day, the skin is subjected to many external influences such as smoke, pollution, UV rays, etc tanned skin away, the elasticity also decreases gradually. At this point, Niacinamide has an effect DNA repair, fight free radicals, help minimize bad effects on the skin.

At the same time, this active ingredient will enhance metabolism and create a healthy, youthful cellular response that promotes the ability to Antioxidant.

2. Maintain Skin Moisture

The presence of Niacinamide in the skin care routine will help provide and balance moisture in the skin. It works by increasing the surface stratum corneum, removing and renewing the stratum corneum continuously to keep the skin in a fresh condition.

Not only that, but Niacinamide helps to regenerate, strengthen the skin barrier and increase the production of ceramides. Thanks to that, the stratum corneum not only helps Protect the skin, but also minimize water loss, stabilize moisture, limit skin dryness and regulate sebum secretion.

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Niacinamide helps maintain skin moisture
Niacinamide helps maintain skin moisture

3. Shrink pores

When the amount of sebum is controlled, the pores will become more airy and tight. Limiting the entry of dirt, bacteria that cause skin tan, acne, ...

4. Anti-Aging

Niacinamide stimulates K1 . protein synthesis, the collagen Helps to produce the stratum corneum and fatty lipid layer on the surface of the skin. This helps the skin to continuously produce inviting cells, replacing the old layer of cells to slow down the skin aging process.

Besides, this active ingredient also helps to improve pigmentation problems, smooth wrinkles on the skin to help the skin look younger.

Niacinamide helps fight skin aging effectively
Niacinamide helps fight skin aging effectively

5. Acne Treatment

The fact that Niacinamide builds the epidermis, increases the skin's natural defense layer, has helped reduce the possibility of acne formation and production. This ingredient also possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, helping to flatten and heal acne lesions quickly.

Niacinamide is suitable for treating acne such as pustules, acne, inflammatory acne,…

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Notes When Using Niacinamide

  • In some cases like new or used sensitive skin mild irritation may occur. At this point, you should stop using it and consult your doctor to make sure this doesn't get worse.
  • Do not use Niacinamide with LAA and derivatives of Vitamin C: Because LAA, Vitamin C needs a pH of 3.5 to work stably and effectively, and NAA needs a pH of 6-8. When used together, they will cancel each other out and be ineffective.
  • Should combine AHA / BHA and Niacinamide to bring high efficiency. However, after using AHA/BHA, it is recommended to wait about 5 minutes for the skin to be slightly rebalanced, then apply Niacinamide.
  • Pregnant women should not take more than 35mg of Niacinamide per day.
  • People with conditions such as liver disease, inflammation, stomach ulcers or gout should not take Niacinamide.
Uses of Niacinamide in beauty
Niacinamide is present in orange juice extract

Hope the information Miss Tram Academy just shared above will help readers have more useful beauty knowledge. To support the work of bringing beauty to everyone.

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