How to Fix Broken Eyebrow Spray Effectively 2

How to Fix Damaged Eyebrow Spray Effectively

Nowadays, people's demand for eyebrow spray is increasing, so eyebrow tattooing has also become "hot" and attracts many people to this profession. Of course, not everyone can succeed from the first time holding a needle, so understanding how to fix broken eyebrows is a must for embroidery sprayers. There are many different eyebrow spray errors, each error has its own way to fix it. And Beauty Academy MissTram discover.

How to Fix Broken Eyebrow Spray Effectively 3

Learn How to Fix Damaged Eyebrows Effectively

To be able to start with tattooing, in addition to mastering tattoo spraying techniques, mastering the technique of overcoming errors is also essential. Damaged eyebrow spray errors can be mentioned as follows:

  • Eyebrows turn red

The cause of the red eyebrows may be due to the poor quality of the ink, because in the process of mixing the ink KTV has mixed too much brown or because the spraying process is too light so the ink does not eat into the skin.

Simple eyebrow treatment after spraying

For the case of less red eyebrows, you can use HS-3 to handle it, this is a neutral color that can help the skin return to its original color. First you put a sharp dark brown border, then use it. HS-3 or dark red treatment color then spray dark brown for the eyebrows to fix the problem. As for the case where the eyebrows are red and dark, you must use special red ink to handle.

+ Note: Treating Red Eyebrows

  • You are turning green

The reason may be that the tattoo parlor used poor quality ink, which contained a lot of heavy metals or toxic substances. Or it could be because the person who mixed the ink gave too much black, causing the ink color to be wrong. In addition, if the needle is too long, causing the ink to sink under the skin, it will also create a blue feeling.

What to do after damaged eyebrows?

If you have a lot of green, then you use a lot of brown-based ink that is used to treat green. If the green is less, you can do the same thing as the red eyebrows, by going for a sharp dark brown frame, then use HS-3 to treat the green. However, when spraying again, you absolutely do not use black brown, but only use natural brown, many times to evenly color your eyebrows.

  • Can't format the eyebrow shape

It may be because the person holding the needle is too light, the frame path is not definitive, not sharp, making the eyebrow shape not beautiful and sharp.

To handle this case, you first need to draw a sharp frame and follow that line with the needle, the depth of the needle into the skin is about 0.05mm so that the skin adheres to the ink without hurting the skin.

+ Note: Micro-Touch Eyebrow Sculpture

  • Uneven eyebrow color

There are many causes for uneven eyebrows such as in the process of spraying people with uneven needles, incorrect needle technique, not definitive or not standard ink mixing, uneven ink stirring.

How to fix broken eyebrows after spraying

For this case, you need to take one side as the standard, you can lower the darker side by spraying a suitable treatment color or spraying the lighter eyebrow color to match the color with the other eyebrow.

In addition, for some cases such as damaged eyebrows, too dark eyebrows that make you old and fierce, you need to conduct laser tattoo removal and conduct new eyebrow spray. Today's modern laser tattoo removal technology can remove tattoos 100% without completely harming the skin, so you can be completely assured.

No "needle holder" can guarantee 100% success from the very first time, and mistakes can happen at any time. However, once you have mastered how to handle errors, you do not need to worry too much about this problem.

In addition, to limit errors in eyebrow spray, in addition to the word TAI, the word TAM is also very important. If you want to follow the tattooing profession, you must really love the job, be passionate about the profession, use quality ink, use the right needle technique as well as have the necessary meticulousness, try to bring the most perfect eyebrows. , make customers satisfied.

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