Learn skin care at miss tram
Learn skin care at Miss Tram - Spa ownership is not far away

Learn Skin Care at Miss Tram – Owning a Private Spa Is Not Far Away

Spa Ownership Is No Longer A Thing When You Join The Skin Care Course At Miss Tram

If you want to own a Spa, you need to have skills in management, marketing, sales, etc. to develop a good business. Skin Care Course At Miss Tram Academy will help you integrate effectively 2 IN 1 knowledge + skills From then on, becoming a Spa owner is no longer a distant thing!

Learn skin care at miss tram
Learn skin care at Miss Tram – Spa ownership is not far away

Register for a Skin Care course at Miss Tram Academy you will get:

Professional training in skin care

  • Learn the background knowledge, skin structure…
  • Learn and proficiently use tools, machines and products in the process of beauty and skin care.
  • Practice washing face, steaming, exfoliating, sucking acne / taking acne kernels according to medical standards, massaging head - shoulders - nape...
  • Understand and perform skin care procedures: Salmon/Rose's Nest DNA Electrophoresis, Vitamin C/Collagen Therapy, Mercury Lead Absorption Process, Diamond Nano Threading...

Treatment Transfer:

  • Skin Problems Acne - Scars - Melasma - Freckles - Skin Regeneration, combining special treatment products with high efficiency for customers.

Soft skills training:

  • Regularly organize workshops to share Spa stories.
  • Learn how to manage and operate the Spa effectively.
  • Useful/Cost-saving Marketing Tips….

=> If you love the Spa industry and have a dream of opening your own Spa, don't hesitate ibx_cmt_call for Miss Tram Academy for advice!

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