Apprenticeship Spa Online
Apprenticeship Spa Online - The future door is wide open

Spa Apprenticeship Online – The Future Door Is Wide Open

Online Skin Care Apprenticeship – The Future Expands

  • What should I learn during this epidemic season that is both safe, useful and easy to get a job later?
  • Online Skin Care Apprenticeship is a good candidate Miss Tram VietNam I want to recommend you.
Apprenticeship Spa Online
Apprenticeship Spa Online – The future door is wide open

What is so hot about this course that Miss Tram Academy is so actively nominated?

  • With the need to eat delicious - beautiful face today, customers always want to improve, upgrade their skin, go to the Spa to relieve stress and fatigue... -> This profession has a very HOT potential.
  • Spa Apprenticeship Opens brilliant development path for everyone with HUGE income, from 10 to 15 million/month, even several tens of millions VND.
  • Accumulate knowledge, go to work for a while you can Open your own Spa business.
  • Intuitive - vivid - easy-to-understand teaching.
  • Students are trained from basic knowledge - advanced.
  • Master basic skin care techniques: makeup remover, scrub, face wash, head massage, sauna, sebum/acne suction...
  • Understand skin care procedures such as: Rose Nest, Mercury Lead, Nano Diamond Thread Run, Red Ginseng Culture, Salmon DNA, CO2 Mask....

Who Is Suitable For Online Skin Care Course

  • Those with conditions limited economic, far from the centers, difficult to move / travel.
  • Người Have a job, busy family, no free time.
  • KTV I want to practice, review and improve my knowledge.
  • People who have knowledge of Spa profession but Want to learn more about new beauty trends?.
  • Manager, operator, owner of Spa Want to know more knowledge for practical application.

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Basic – Advanced Skin Care & Treatment
Eyelash Extension Specialist, Eyelash Perm
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