Spa apprenticeship - the door to success for gen Z
Spa apprenticeship - The key to success for gen Z.

Spa Apprenticeship _ The “Fashionable” Trend For Gen Z

Spa Apprenticeship – The Door Opens To Success For Gen Z

Only about 3-4 months of apprenticeship in exchange for an income of thousands of passionate people... Gen Z, hurry up and register Skin Care and Treatment Specialist Training Course in Miss Tram Academy just now!

With surging enthusiasm - enterprising spirit - sensitive to technology & the Internet, the Spa industry is like "make shoes"For you Gen Z who are passionate about beauty.

Spa apprenticeship - the door to success for gen Z
Spa apprenticeship – The key to success for gen Z.

This course will help you shine in the future by:

  • Trained from basic to advanced in the form of "Hands-on".
  • lean theory, Practice mainly accounts for 80% course duration.
  • Ordered Flexible study time, carefully compiled curriculum over 15 years of work.
  • Get Professional Teachers tutoring until DAT moves on to the next part, not sure where be retrained until mastered.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to practice on mannequins, modelsNo need to search or pay rent in the learning process.
  • Experience, relax through practice, If your skin is not beautiful, a suitable treatment plan will be established.
  • Approach to Modern machinery and technology transferred from Korea, Europe.
  • Study in healthy environment, full facilities, forming many habits and skills necessary for future jobs.
  • Support introduce jobs, organize workshops to share professional stories, effective Spa business/marketing tips....
  • Highly-professional trained Skills in Counseling - Monitoring Process - Making treatment plans - Dealing with crises with customers.
  • Graduation exam Formal Vocational Primary Certificate can use spa business registration.
  • Graduation exam Medical Certificate Safety and hygiene - prevention of infection through blood - biological fluids at the Cosmetology Facility.

Gen Z is ready to join! Be quick call_ibx_cmt for the team Miss Tram Academy For advice, learn more information about this course!

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Please contact us immediately Miss Tram VietNam by number 1900 7018 for more advice on details of courses and study paths as well as to see if you are suitable for this profession or not!

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