The results of genuine powder coating done by students
The result is super beautiful powder application done by students

Before & After on Natural Beautiful Powder Eyebrow Spray Pattern


- Choose the right ink color for the customer.

- Outline the form fluently, meticulously.

- The needle path moves smoothly and rhythmically.

Bringing good finished products is what Students Miss Tram Academy achieved through the practice of Spraying Powder.

The student confided: “At first, I was worried because I was afraid of going wrong, going wrong, but when I entered the class guided by the teacher, my skills were much stronger, now I like to hold the sprayer - I miss it.".

Beautiful pictures of the powdered eyebrow pattern made by students
The result is beautiful powder coating done by students.
Results of students spraying eyebrow powder
The results of students spraying eyebrows with powder, natural beauty, and samples are very satisfied.
The process of students applying powdered eyebrow spray
The process of students on the standard powder eyebrow spray pattern

Thank you for sharing during your study at Miss Tram Academyy Good luck, good luck pursuing your dreams!

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