Instructions on How to Detoxify Skin Using Mixing Cream 2

How to Detoxify Skin Using Mixing Cream

How to Detoxify Skin Using Mixing Cream

Using the original mixing cream the skin is very beautiful, that is undeniable. But we are causing our skin to suffer serious consequences later on, and if we do not detox in time, treating the skin condition will become serious.

In fact, many girls are in this situation because cream mixes of unknown origin, containing many corticosteroids, cause skin pigmentation, erosion and acne if stopped. So what is the "salvage" way, an effective way to detox to return the skin to its former health?

1. Why is it necessary to detox the skin using mixing cream?

Currently on the market is very famous for many types of mixing cream, effective for smooth white skin, definitive treatment of many types of acne. With attractive advertising, plus sales effects created by hot girls, a series of girlfriends rushed to use it, regardless of the consequences.

How to detoxify the skin when using cream mix

Using a cream mix causes the skin to be poisoned with corticosteroids

Undeniably, after a short time of use, the girlfriend's skin has a clear change, smoother and younger. However, this is just the surface that few people know about the unpredictable consequences of using whipped cream.

Most of the mixing creams do not specify the ingredients, how the dosage is combined. Common creams on the market often include ingredients such as: Aspirin, Becozym, Alcohol, vitamin E and especially Corticoids.

Corticosteroids belong to the group of anti-inflammatory drugs containing steroids, indicated to relieve inflamed skin areas, allergic redness, asthma or arthritis. This drug has the effect that if used in high doses, it becomes a "bleaching agent", changing the pigmentation on the skin. Taking advantage of this feature, mixing cream businesses have mixed Corticosteroids into other skin care ingredients with high doses to form a "divine" skin whitening cream.

After a long time of use, it will cause the phenomenon of "corticoid addiction". This means that if you stop using it, your skin will react by developing pimples, itchiness and a host of other problems. Not to mention, the amount of corticosteroids left on the skin is very high, causing skin cells to be worn away, easy to catch the sun, and melasma develops because the skin has lost its outer protective film.

In this case, we are advised to find a way to stop using the cream mix and remove all the remaining Corticoid toxins on the skin, then apply other restorative care treatments.

2. How to detox skin using cream mix?

What to do when using cream mix?

When receiving cases where customers have problems with mixing cream, before applying the treatment course (acne treatment, melasma treatment), toxin must be removed. Only in this way can the skin absorb nutrients and increase metabolism for effective regeneration.

To remove Corticosteroids on the skin, you first need to exfoliate with natural methods or gentle products, avoiding irritation on the client's skin. Next, a hot steam bath (combining essential oil scents) helps to open pores and remove dirt under the skin.

Apply green tea, aloe vera or carbon charcoal masks to detoxify the skin. Mask retention time of about 30 minutes is enough. Blue / Blue light can be combined (about 15 minutes) to increase the skin regeneration effect. These natural ingredients contain a large amount of antioxidants, which have the ability to eliminate bad free radicals, strengthen the skin structure and stimulate new cell production to repair damage on the skin.

Instructions on How to Detoxify Skin Using Mixing Cream 3

Carbon charcoal mask is one of the ways to detoxify the skin using a mix cream

You need to tell the client to come back to apply the course regularly, or if the customer does not have much time, you can apply natural methods at home such as steaming with lemongrass, ginger, or perilla + marjoram + mugwort.

In addition, it is essential that mixed cream skin does well is to choose a gentle facial cleanser, with a pH between 5.0 and 6.0 to balance moisture for the skin.

Hope you have gained more useful skin care knowledge!

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