Instructions on How to Shape Lips Before Spraying 2

Instructions on How to Shape Lips Before Spraying

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Instructions on How to Shape Lips Before Spraying 3

Not everyone owns a standard lip shape with harmonious lines. Therefore, before and during the lip spray process, we must do a good job of shaping the lip contour. That way, the lips after spraying will achieve the desired perfection.

Some lip shaping techniques shared by Miss Tram Academy below will definitely give you many useful experiences:

In the process of tattooing, we will encounter many different cases. Each lip shape needs to be applied an appropriate shaping technique, which can be divided into typical cases as follows:

1. Thin lips

Use a red pen to draw "cheat" to widen the border, creating a feeling of fuller and more sexy lips. Pay attention to reasonable alignment, avoid excessive greed because it can make the lips lose their naturalness.
– Use a border color that matches the color of the lips, otherwise it will cause the opposite effect, the thinner and more unbalanced the lips will be.
- Spray lips in this case, Miss Tram Academy tells you to use light colors, which can be combined with a layer of Collagen gloss to help lips look thicker.

2. Thick lips

In contrast to the thin lip shape, we will draw the contour inward a bit. Then ink according to this preset, the lips will be captured with a more harmonious line.
For the case of thick lips, spray lip liner should use light color and cover with collagen layer will be more beautiful.

3. Uneven lips

There are also many customers whose lips are deviated between the two sides (thick side and thin side). If this is the case, you should draw the line slightly wider beyond the corner of the thinner side of the lip. Create a balanced shape to help the overall lips most harmoniously before putting the ink on the skin.

4. Lips without lip lines, or pale lines

In this case, you have to look at the overall face and lips to adjust the suitable lip shape for the guest. Note, the lip spray must be evenly spread between the edge and the lip. Avoid darkening the lip line because it can make the lips look dry, revealing cosmetic traces.

When spraying lips for customers, it is important that we know how to observe, apply standard lip measurement techniques, then perform a needle technique to bring ink down to the skin. In addition, advise customers on colors that are appropriate for their age and skin color to bring the most natural beautiful final results.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Miss Tram! Hope you are succesful.

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