Technical Instructions for Safe Use of Eyebrow - Accurate 2

Technical Instructions for Using Eyebrows Safely – Correctly

|Review knowledge for students Miss Tram| Technical Instructions for Using Eyebrows Safely – Correctly

Technical Instructions for Safe Use of Eyebrow - Accurate 3

To reduce pain during cosmetic tattooing, the use of numbing cream has been certified by leading tattoo experts as the most effective solution and is almost absolutely harmless to the health of the user. and does not affect the quality of the tattoo spray area.

However, the person performing anesthesia needs to do the right technique to achieve the highest efficiency.

Today, students review the knowledge they have learned to remember longer!

1. Safe and accurate eyebrow incubation steps

Use numbing cream to cover the entire eyebrow and wait for about 1-15 minutes depending on how thin or thick the client's skin is, then incubate the other side.

How to use numbing agents so that the client does not feel pain:

  • Numbing cream: numbing type is used to incubate before making. Depending on the time of each type stated on the package that we brew. Anesthesia can be incubated for too long.
  • Allowed medical anesthesia from 5%, incubation time will be longer, about 40 minutes.

2. Note

Numb on the market ranges from 25% - 50%, the incubation time will be shorter, about 15 - 25 minutes depending on the type. However, some guests will be allergic to this numbing: heart palpitations, difficulty breathing

How to brew:

  • Disinfect eyebrows, help numbing more effective
  • Apply a layer of numbing cream 1mm thick
  • Annealing nylon

▪️ Safe anesthesia: The type of numbing used for open wounds. Use during the process, apply to the eyebrows and leave for about 2 minutes, until the client's burning is gone, then the anesthetic will take effect.

Advice to buy a good quality numbing medicine, because when using the normal type, you will see that the skin is a bit shiny and tight, so the ink cannot get downc

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