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Why is the customer's skin bruised?

Why is the customer's skin bruised?

Usually, women treat acne at home with acne cleansers, topical medications, squeezing acne with their hands... These methods may not be effective at all and easily cause inflammatory acne, spreading acne more!

Why is the customer's skin bruised after sucking on acne bran and acne?

The advice for you is to go to a reputable spa-cosmetic facility to safely and effectively suck and remove acne deep under the skin.

Absorbing acne helps to detoxify the skin, open pores and healthier skin. However, some students have a case of sucking acne bran / sebum after the customer's skin is bruised, which affects the customer's psychology.

In this situation there are 2 possible cases:

  • Students use too much force, walking many times on the same area of ​​skin.
  • The acne suction tube is chipped, not smooth, so it accidentally forms a bruise during the procedure for the customer.

Therefore, each practitioner should fully follow the steps in the treatment process to bring the best effect to the client:

  • Inspect the instrument before proceeding with the procedure.
  • Clean the client's face.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner properly.
  • Treatment for skin after acne suction.

Hopefully, the above knowledge will help students be more proactive and flexible in the safe and effective skin care process for customers.
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