Is Eyelash Extension Glue Harmful to Health 2

Is Eyelash Extensions Harmful to Health?

|Question – Answer| Does Eyelash Extension Glue Affect Eyelash Extensions Health?

Is Eyelash Extension Glue Harmful to Health 3

Beautify your eyes with eyelash extension method help women own curvaceous, black and attractive eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are one of the leading factors to help women own beautiful eyes.

This method is not simply attaching false eyelashes to real eyelashes with an adhesive, but also requires following the correct technical process. Working for a long time with such glue, will it affect the worker's health? This is one of the questions asked by many students.

Ingredients in eyelash extension glue accounts for 90% of Cyanoaranoarlate, this substance is the main cause of burning eyes. There is also a low-spicy eyelash extension glue (there is no non-spicy eyelash extension glue) that will be less durable than a spicy eyelash extension glue. However, if you apply the specific instructions that Miss Tram recommends for you, you will minimize problems affecting KTV's health.

Notes on safe use and contact with eyelash extension glue for KTV:

  • Being in contact with glue is easy to get respiratory and nose diseases... so the KTV must always wear a mask when working.
  • Change the glue regularly during eyelash extensions, every 20-30 minutes. Note that when replacing, a drop of water should be added to the unused glue drop so that the chemical components in the glue do not evaporate.
  • Choose quality, safe, tested eyelash extensions in the cosmetology industry.
  • Accurate and definitive eyelash extension technique to protect the health of customers and the workers themselves.

Instructions for properly storing eyelash extensions for KTV:

  • Concerning the humidity in the room, the ideal humidity of the eyelash extension room is between 40-70%.
  • When taking out the glue, limit squeezing the glue bottle because the air will get in, making the eyelash extension glue quickly damaged, remember to clean the neck of the glue bottle after taking it so that no blockage occurs.
  • When used, the glue bottle should not be left in the refrigerator, but should be in a desiccant bag Or put it in a bowl of rice.

Hopefully the above safety knowledge when using eyelash extension glue is a tool to help future students and KTV have more experience to complete the beauty mission for everyone.

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