Before And After The Results Of Natural Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting For Women

Before And After Pictures Of Natural Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting Results For Women

Before: Looking at her face, it can be seen that the point on this customer's face is the pale, sparsely growing eyebrows lacking accents. This is also the reason why she came to Miss Tram to overcome the above defect.

Or: After being consulted by the #TeamMissTram team to beautify eyebrows with eyebrow sculpting technology. This is a beauty method that is currently interested and trusted by many people. Her eyebrows began to be measured, drawn, and shaped to match and harmonize with the overall face. Then, each eyebrow will be skillfully engraved on the skin, intertwined with the old eyebrow to retain the natural look. 

Let's compare the results before - after the customer's sculpture to see the change!

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