Before And After Using 9D American Ink Sculpting Eyebrow Sculpting Technology

Actual Results Of Customers When Sculpting Eyebrows with 9D American Ink at Spa.

Before: The customer's natural eyebrows have quite clear strands from the middle to the tail. However, the head is a bit small and the eyebrow is quite low to the eyes, so it is not really balanced. 

Or: After being consulted, she agreed to choose the method of Sculpting eyebrows with 9D yarn to overcome the disadvantages of the eyebrows. First, the specialist will help you shape and reshape your eyebrows according to the GOLDEN RATE.

Then, use a special engraving knife to carve each strand on the skin, interwoven with real eyebrows to create a natural look. In addition, the selection and use of the Queen ink line will also help the new eyebrows have color fastness, which is more beautiful than usual. 

These are the pictures taken by Miss Tram after she has done it for her. We invite you to take a look! 


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