Before And After Sculpting Natural, Beautiful Eyebrows For Women

Before And After Pictures Of Natural, Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting For Women

Before: It can be seen that this customer's eyebrows are completely natural and have never undergone any cosmetic procedures. The shape of the eyebrows is not clear, the head is quite faint and the eyebrow hair is not clearly visible. So she decided to come to Miss Tram to renew herself.

Or: In the case of this lady, #TeamMissTram suggested method Sculpture of eyebrows natural fibers. Each eyebrow will be engraved on the skin with a specialized engraving knife, intertwined with the old eyebrow to create the most natural look possible. This method has given the customer a new sharper and clearer eyebrow, right? 

Check out the image of this customer's eyebrow change!

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