Before And After The Results Of Eyebrow Sculpting Using Natural Herbal Ink

Result Image Sculpting Eyebrow Using Natural Herbal Ink.

Before: The customer's eyebrows have a small head and quite a few fibers. The tail of the eyebrows seems darker, but compared to the overall, these eyebrows are not enough to create a highlight for the face. 

Or: Miss Tram discussed with him to help him "refurbish" these eyebrows. His eyebrows are used Sculpting technology combined with Queen ink line, giving each elegant eyebrow, beautiful and natural.

Queen Ink has 100% natural herbal extracts with an eyebrow durability of up to 5-10 years, which will help prevent your eyebrows from turning green - red later.

Miss Tram invites you to see the picture of his eyebrows right away! 


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