Before And After Sculpting Natural Fibers Combined Shading For Eyebrows

Realistic Result Sculpting Brow Shading Natural Fibers Combined Eyebrow Shading.

Before: As can be seen, the customer's eyebrows have been threaded, but a bit missing at the head and tail to make the eyebrow shape more perfect. 

Or: She chose Sculpture combined with Shading for her eyebrows. That is, the first part will be carved with a special knife, creating each clear fiber on the skin. Besides, the KTV also needs to align, skillfully change the color so that the tail of the eyebrow will be darker and lighter forward, thereby creating depth and making the eyebrow sharper. In addition, the outer edge of your eyebrows will also be sprayed lighter, helping you become elegant and like real eyebrows.

See actual pictures below!


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