Before And After The Queen's Eyebrow Sculpting Results are Standard and Beautiful

Before and After Pictures of the Queen's Eyebrow Sculpture Results, Beautiful

Before: At a glance, it is also easy to see that the customer's eyebrows are missing the yarn at the head, the yarn in the tail is also not much and the eyebrow shape is drooping so the face looks unflattering. Those are the shortcomings that #TeamMissTram pointed out to help Anh find the most suitable solution.

Or: And after thinking about it, the method of FEMALE BROTHROOM CREATING was chosen by both parties. With this method, her new eyebrows will have clear, beautiful strands and are arranged in a certain order like those of natural eyebrows. The queen ink line will help these eyebrows have high durability, not turning red and blue over time later.

Let's take a closer look at the results of the customer's eyebrows right here!

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