Before And After Making 9D Threaded Eyebrow Sculpture For Women

Before And After Pictures Of 9D Thread Brow Sculpting For Women

Before: This customer used to spray eyebrows but the ink was blurred, her remaining eyebrows are very thin and light, so she decided to come to Miss Tram with the desire to treat her old eyebrows and create new eyebrows for her.

Or: After being team #TeamMissTram As a consultant, the customer decided to choose the European standard 9D fiber sculpting method. This method is chosen by many customers because the eyebrow mold is made according to the golden ratio and the eyebrows are sculpted very naturally, just like real eyebrows.

I'm glad that from now on, I no longer have to spend time drawing eyebrows every time I go out.

Let's take a look at the pictures after this customer's 9D eyebrow sculpting!

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