Before And After Making Natural Fiber Brow Sculpting For Women

Before And After Pictures Of Natural Fiber Brow Sculpting For Women

Before: This customer has smooth skin and bright white skin, her eyebrows look bold and thick, but if you look closely, they are slightly curved and the tail is slightly higher than the eyes. Therefore, she wants to balance her eyebrows to look more harmonious with the face.

Or: When you come to Miss Tram, you get #TeamMissTram Enthusiastically consulted and decided to correct her eyebrows with natural fiber sculpting. With this method, technicians can control the depth - depth on each ink line, so it's non-invasive, painless, and doesn't need to take time to rest.

After finishing, she was extremely surprised with her new eyebrows. Chi is happy and thanks Miss Tram very much. Wish you always beautiful and healthy!

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