Before And After Acne Treatment, Dark Spot Treatment - Brighten And Tighten Pores

Before and After Pictures of Hidden Acne, Dark Spots - Brighten And Tighten Pores

Before: This customer, before coming to Miss Tram, had many hidden acne under her skin that made her face a little dark. This made her feel quite upset, so she asked Miss Tram for advice and help with treatment.

Or: After listening #TeamMissTram offer solutions and ways to overcome acne hidden under the skin, as well as dark skin. She decided to choose a combination course of treatment for hidden acne, dark spots, and skin lightening and pore tightening. The results after completion make her completely satisfied with what Miss Tram has done.

Let's take a close look at the resulting images of the customer after the skin treatment at Miss Tram!

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