Before and After Using the Beauty Eyebrow Sculpting Method

Realistic Pictures Before And After Beautifying Eyebrows With Sculpting Technology At Miss Tram.

Before: Looking at the picture, we can see that this young customer has bold eyebrows, but the tail is cut off and has not yet formed the eyebrow shape. The eyebrows make the baby's face unbalanced and harmonious, and the baby is less confident when communicating with friends. So she decided to come to Miss Tram to ask for beauty advice.

Or: With the advice of experts at Miss Tram, she agreed to use eyebrow sculpting technology. This technology helps to shape the eyebrows with the golden ratio and on the missing eyebrows at the eyebrow tail, the eyebrows are meticulously sculpted and sharp, no different from the baby's real eyebrows.

After sculpting eyebrows, the baby's face is much more balanced and harmonious. The baby is also happier and more confident.

Let's see the actual pictures!

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