Before And After Body Lift And Sculpture 9D Queen Ink

Realistic Result Image Lifting And Sculpting 9D Queen Ink.

Before: With the old eyebrow drooping towards the tail, making the eyes of the guest not see the joy. Moreover, in anthropology, drooping eyebrows also have a bad meaning. So, her choice is to change the eyebrows to suit and harmonize with the face.

Or: During many years of work, Miss Tram has experienced enough beauty cases for eyebrows from easy to difficult, so it doesn't take too long to help the customer get the eyebrows she wants. Her eyebrows were re-aligned by the expert according to the Golden Ratio before using 9D natural fiber sculpting technology to beautify. 

It can be seen that the results of the new eyebrows are clear, the eyebrow shape is younger and more harmonious with her face.


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