Before And After The Result Of Super Smooth Powder Eyebrow Spray For Women

Before And After Pictures Of Old Eyebrow Treatment Results - Natural Brown Eyebrow Spray

Before: This female customer noticed that her eyebrow shape was not beautiful, her eyebrows were too short compared to her eyes, making her face unbalanced. So she sought the help of Miss Tram.

Or: With the enthusiastic advice of the team Team Miss Tram, I decided to choose the method of Eyebrow spraying with super fine powder. This method creates sharpness for the face, suitable for those who often have to wear makeup, but it still retains a certain natural look.

This is the result of her eyebrows right after spraying powder, it only takes a few more days for the ink to fade slightly, her eyebrows will look a lot more natural.

Thank you for trusting and using the service at Miss Tram.

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