Results of eyelid spraying done by students
The results of eyelid spraying are done by students with beautiful standards.

Before & After Beautiful Eyelid Spray Results Made by Students


See student results Miss Tram Academy Spraying the eyelids for the model is so cool that the trainer's heart is too cool!

Miss Tram VietNam Please put both before and after pictures of eyelid spray for everyone to feel and evaluate.

Before students spray eyelids
Before trainees sprayed their eyelids, their eyes were not sharp yet.

Starting point from the round zero, now new skills After a few tutorials, it was like this Then it's time to complete the training course, students can confidently go out and work for customers.

After the sample is sprayed on the eyelids by the students
After the sample was sprayed by the students, the eyes were sharper and sharper.

You just need to work hard and trust the academy, the rest is left to Miss Tram Academy bending for you!

In addition, students can refer to the information of popular courses (depending on their interests) to get started with the beauty profession:

Please contact us immediately Miss Tram Academy For more advice on the study path as well as to see if you are suitable for this profession or not!