Before And After Results Of Eyelid Spray For Women

Before And After Pictures Of Beautiful Eyelid Spray Results For Women

Before: Looking at this lady's eyes, you can see that her eyelids are drooping, which makes her eyes a bit smaller. Therefore, she came to Miss Tram to beautify her eyes.

Or: With modern equipment #TeamMissTram gave her a big round, attractive eyes with just one very clever eyelash extension. This technique requires the Specialist to use an embroidery inkjet pen tip with a super small size, only 0.2 mm, allowing the specialist to control the depth - depth of each embroidery ink line to create a thin eyelid contour. thin and close to the lash line. 

Take a closer look at the following resulting images of the customer to see more clearly the advantages that Eyelid Spray creates for this customer's eyes!

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