Before And After Styling and Sculpting Natural Fiber Brows

Before And After Pictures Of Natural Fiber Brow Posing and Sculpting

With eyebrows that have a pale and slightly high tail, it will easily make the face become a bit "fierce".

Before: This customer is the one who has such eyebrows, so she came to Miss Tram with the desire to edit and reshape her eyebrows to be as suitable and natural as possible.

Or: After is #TeamMissTram Consulting by reshaping the shape of the eyebrows, combined with the method of Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers. The result surprised her when she was completely satisfied because she owned a new eyebrow that was beautiful, clear and in harmony with her face.

Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers is currently the hottest cosmetic method for eyebrows today, trusted by women for the following reasons:

1. No downtime, absolutely no swelling or pain.

2. The eyebrow thread does not stick to the frame, the distance between the 2 engraved eyebrows is still a normal skin background, so you can completely appear in front of your friends with new natural eyebrows.

3. You just need to limit the water to the eyebrow area and apply Vaseline continuously on the newly engraved eyebrow so that the ink stays durable and longer.

With such outstanding advantages, eyebrow sculpture has "satisfied" even the most demanding guests and Miss Tram is sure to satisfy you. So come to Miss Tram right away if you want to change your eyebrows! 

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