Before And After Posing - Sculpting Beautiful Eyebrows

Before And After Pictures Styling – Sculpting Beautiful Eyebrows

Before: Looking at the face of this customer, you can see that her eyebrows have an unclear shape, the eyebrows are still messy, leading to not really in harmony with the face. Through research, I know Miss Tram is one of the leading centers for Professional Spraying - Embroidery - Aesthetics, so she did not hesitate to come to Miss Tram to meet and listen to advice.

Or: Get the team #TeamMissTram advice on solutions and methods to beautify eyebrows. After the exchange, her eyebrows were immediately started to be implemented by the method of Sculpting yarn, which is now loved by many people.

Let's take a look at her eyebrows before - after doing it to feel the difference!

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