Before And After Treating Acne Skin And Improving Pimple Scars At Spa

Actual Pictures Before And After Acne Skin Treatment And Improve Pimple Scars With Fractional CO2 Laser Technology.

Before: The client's skin condition was quite serious before entering the treatment course. The skin has many hidden acne, pus-filled acne and even headless acne that makes the skin often red. 

Or: To be able to completely eliminate acne, Ms. Huong agreed and committed to the correct course of acne treatment with technology. Fractional CO2 Laser Micropoint Activation suggested by the experts. Thanks to that, the acne skin condition improved significantly after 4 months. Acne spots are gradually eliminated, returning bright pink skin, and pores are also smaller. However, she continued and persisted with this course of treatment to further improve the problem of pitted scars. 

Take a look at her transformation right here! 


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