Before After The Golden Ratio Natural Fiber Sculpture Result

Realistic Result Image of the Golden Ratio Natural Fiber Eyebrow Sculpting Beauty Method.

Before: This customer came to Miss Tram in a state of pale eyebrows, sparse tails, and not really clear eyebrows. So which method of eyebrow beautification will be most suitable?

Or: Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center will "tip" to you the method of "sculpting this natural fiber". This is the most advanced cosmetic eyebrow method today, technology from Korea has been Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center transferred to Vietnam. Each eyebrow will be meticulously engraved by the expert on the skin, interwoven with real eyebrows to create the most perfect eyebrows for you.

Let's refer to more pictures of customers' new eyebrows after completing the sculpting process at Miss Tram! 


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