Before And After Sculpting 9D Threaded Eyebrows – Real Pictures of Old Eyebrows

Actual Image of Old Eyebrows Treatment And 9D Yarn Sculpting Results At Miss Tram.

Before: The ancients believed that: If the eyebrows are lowered a lot, it will be difficult to rise up in business, life also goes down accordingly. This customer came to Miss Tram with such anxiety. Her eyebrows have been sprayed before, but part of the ink color has faded, two half of her eyebrow shape is a curved eyebrow shape and the tail is drooping, so I missed Miss Tram's support.

Or: With the choice of the method of sculpting the eyebrows with 9D yarn, Miss Tram was given a new eyebrow shape by Miss Tram according to the golden ratio of the face, processed the old color, and then sculpted each eyebrow according to the new mold for her.

Her eyebrows after working help her to become a lot better. Thank you for trusting to choose Miss Tram. Wish you beautiful forever.

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