Before And After Results Of Old Eyebrow Treatment - Natural Brown Eyebrow Spray Phu

Before And After Pictures Of Old Eyebrow Treatment Results - Natural Brown Eyebrow Spray

Female guests are funny guests to Miss Tram VietNamAlthough she is over 50, she is very focused on her beauty.

Before: Before, she used to spray and tattoo her eyebrows, but for a while the ink color was green, not as beautiful as before, and she went to Miss Tram to treat and renew her old eyebrows.

Or: After performing the natural brown eyebrow spray method. The results after completion made me very satisfied with the results of eyebrow spray at Miss Tram, I also happily thanked Miss Tram for making Team Miss Tram very happy.

Thank you for trusting Miss Tram, Wish you always young and beautiful!

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