Before And After Results Of Old Eyebrow Treatment, Super Fine Powder Spraying

Pictures of Old Eyebrow Treatment Results, Super Fine Powder Spraying For Customers At Miss Tram

Before: This customer came to Miss Tram with eyebrows that used to be sprayed, although the eyebrow shape is quite good, but it is a bit far from the eye socket, the ink is red, and the clumping is no longer beautiful.

Or: Miss Tram cosmetology treated the old ink color and then she decided to use super fine powder spraying technology.

Method Using a micro-injector, it only affects the epidermis of the skin at a depth of no more than 0,2mm, so it does not cause pain and swelling like traditional eyebrow tattoo methods.. Immediately after doing, the ink color is still dark so it looks a bit fierce, but after 3 to 5 days it will peel off and you will have beautiful, natural eyebrows.

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