Before And After Treatment of Red Eyebrows - Sculpting Queen's Ink Shaped Eyebrows

Before and After Pictures of Red Eyebrow Treatment – ​​Queen Ink Shaped Eyebrow Sculpture

Before: Previously, this customer used to spray eyebrows to improve her not-so-beautiful eyebrows. But after a while, her ink color was red, the cause may be because the ink quality is not guaranteed or the technician's ink technique is not standard, so she went to Miss Tram to handle it. spray again.

Or: Get the team #TeamMissTram The consultant on the method of handling old red eyebrows, reshaping the shape of Thai ink queen eyebrows, the customer agreed with this method. After completing the old ink treatment and eyebrow sculpting, she has perfect eyebrows with the standard golden ratio eyebrow shape, sharp eyebrows intertwined with very natural real eyebrows. She did not hesitate to say thank you to #TeamMissTram. 

Wish you beautiful forever!

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