Before And After The Results Of Red Eyebrow Treatment - Super Smooth Powder Eyebrow Spray

Before and After Pictures of Red Eyebrow Treatment Results – Super Fine Powder Eyebrow Spraying

Before: Previously, this customer used to spray cosmetic tattoos, after a while, her eyebrows had a red phenomenon. This makes her lose confidence every time she goes out. Therefore, she came to Miss Tram with the desire to get a treatment that refreshes his brows.

Or: After a while of calculating to come up with the most suitable solution. Final, #TeamMissTram will proceed to handle the reddening phenomenon of the eyebrows, then use the method of Superfine Powder Eyebrow Spray to help her get a new eyebrow more satisfactory.

Powder eyebrow spray is a beauty method from Korean kimchi processing, which is a combination of spray and embroidery techniques and powder coating techniques. Bring out the sharpest and most natural eyebrow line.

Let's review the results of the customer's eyebrows after #TeamMissTram has been completed! 

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