Before And After Treatment of Greening - Super Fine Powder Eyebrow Spraying

Before And After Pictures Of Green Blooming - Super Fine Powder Eyebrow Spraying

Before: Before coming to Miss Tram, the eyebrows of this female customer who had done before appeared green. Introduced by a friend, she came to Miss Tram to ask for treatment of green eyebrows and refresh her eyebrows.

Or: In the case like this guest is meeting, Miss Tram has also met a lot, so the way to handle you is green and you can be #TeamMissTram advise you very carefully. Therefore, she agreed with the direction of handling green eyebrows first and then sprayed with super fine powder.

The results after completion have helped her get beautiful, attractive eyebrows, ink to standard color. I am very happy and thank you very much Miss Tram.

Review the image #TeamMissTram brought to this customer!

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