Before And After Sculpting Eyebrow Threading Fixing Low-Fiber Eyebrows

Realistic Image of Fixing Low-Fiber Eyebrows With Natural Fiber Brow Sculpting Method.

Before: This lady has expressed all her "concerns" about her eyebrows with few fibers, pale color and not clear shape with Miss Tram's Team to discuss and come up with a suitable beauty plan. 

Or: These eyebrows are not difficult for professionals and the method chosen by both parties is Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers. That is, each eyebrow will be meticulously carved skillfully on the skin, interwoven with the old eyebrows to keep the most natural features possible. In addition, the eyebrow shape is also measured according to the golden ratio of the face, so the overall look is extremely harmonious and clear. 

Miss Tram invites you to take a closer look at her eyebrows right here! 


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